ASD-Focussed Psychotherapy

Do you have an Autism Spectrum Condition (Disorder) or believe you have? Are you finding life difficult, stressful, hard? Has previous support or therapy been too socially overwhelming? Is sensory seeking or avoiding something which you would like considered in your therapy sessions? Then E.G Therapy may be for you. I view ASD as a unique cognitive style, meaning how you process the world, communicate and interact with it are unique to how a typical person might. 

My View of Autism and Therapy

In my therapy sessions, your cognitive and communication style are of great importance to me. When working with thoughts, feelings and behaviours which cause some kind of stress, use your preferred communication method e.g. music, art, metaphors, your specialist interests, session-by-session structure. to help you find a solution good enough for you.

No one can know or understand how being autistic affects you like you know. I have years of personal and professional experience in supporting individuals with an autistic cognitive style. I have done extensive training and research into providing therapy and support to support the unique communication style someone might present. Above all, I will learn from you about what autism means for you and how it impacts your life.

Are You Supporting a Child or Young Person on the Spectrum?

If you are a parent who's child has received a diagnosis of ASD and you would like support, I offer parent therapy support. It can create a lot of anxiety receiving something which is considered a mental health condition in some eyes. Though working together we can explore the strengths and difficulties for your child and their personality. Supporting you, your child and the wider family to live the easiest life possible.

How Therapy Will Work?

Skype can be delivered through Skype, Email or in your own home (CH5, 6, 7 only). For more information on the process of therapy and sessions go to My Approach.