Online Psychotherapy

Why Have Skype Therapy

Difficulties with attending a therapy session can come for many reasons. Perhaps you cannot make it to another location due to other commitments such as full time work or facing the public is an extreme challenge for you at this time. Have the face to face contact with a qualified therapist, the space to explore your own life difficulties and distress, in a safe, private environment with the added safety of receiving it from your own house.

If timing is a difficulty for you, then by opting for skype therapy you can remove the challenges of arranging transport, wasting valuable time traveling from place to place. The therapy sessions will take place like any other, with an arranged time and a 60 minute slot for you. the therapist operates from a confidential, private room so your concerns are private and safe.

Asynchronous Skype Therapy

If meeting for regular online therapy is difficult still, then why not try asynchronous skype sessions. If you require practical support with coping and problem-solving, this may also be of benefit for you. Leave a confidential video message about your concerns and have the therapist send a video message back within 24 hours for you to utilise at a time you are ready.

Instant Messaging

This is an alternative option for face to face related therapies. Both client and therapist arrange an allotted date and time. Then, through Skypes Instant Messenger (the securest medium), they have a written conversation for 60 minutes. Any information or homework agreed will be sent via Microsoft Word or PDF.

Costing for Therapy

Costs for therapy are £30 per one hour, £24 for Instant Messaging. With regards to asynchronous therapy, the £30 includes the full hour the therapist has to process your video and respond effectively.